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September 3, 2010


T.D. Theobald recently joined the contributers at writersvibe.  I so enjoyed his most recent post, Little Things, I wanted to share it.  He mentions keeping a list of unfamiliar words and quotes that catch his attention or inspire him.  His post has me thinking, are all writers fascinated by words?  Or, are words only valuable as tools to build the ideas a writer hopes to share?


Lila Alger said...

Didn't we also decide that we had a thing for letters - that certain letters created different feelings like 'S' tends to be evil and 'F' ignorant - it gets more complex as letters combine.... didn't we have this conversation once?

Traci said...

Yeah, I think we discussed the way sounds played a role in choosing the names of characters. Part of what I love about learning other languages is the sound--the feel of the words.