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May 23, 2011

An Exercise in Description

Photo by Jan Tik
Most everyone I know has spring fever, and I'm no exception.  The weather's finally beginning to warm up, spring flowers are blooming, and the trees have leafed out.  I suppose this image is a little out of season, but when I came across it, I was immediately drawn in.   More than visual, this photograph calls to all my senses.  I can feel the cold; hear the crunch of the frosted grass and the creak of the tree's tired limbs.  It's a frozen moment full of potential--the moment before something happens.  And, it's a great image for sharpening your descriptive skills.  

Take a long look at the photo, studying the details and using all your senses.  Linger awhile and then, without looking back and without stopping your pen, write at least a page.  Begin with description, but let your mind flow freely without pause.  You may find that you move from describing a setting to creating a scene.  If you'd like, post a comment and share your experience with the exercise. 

I'm off to head outside and warm up in the sunshine.