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November 13, 2015

Autumn update . . . audiobooks, author interviews, editing and more

Wow! It's November. Already? That's just not possible. I remember last January, but spring and summer are a blur. Folks say time flies when you're having fun, so I might take this as a good sign. Or, maybe I need a new saying like, "Time flies when you're working hard for what you love."

I am, by turns, exhausted and invigorated. Life itself has thrown unexpected challenges my way this past year. That's what life does. But, the obstacles we face are opportunities, too. Experiencing  hardship, we distill life down to those things that matter most. We reach out and find strength in those who love us, and they're empowered by seeing the good that their love brings. I'm learning to find something beautiful in every day--no matter how small. What we focus on becomes what we see. And, I choose to see the light behind every shadow.

It's easy to see the good side when you're surrounded by good people. At the Nebraska Writers Guild fall conference in early October, I met so many writers excited about the work of writing and eager to share what they know. I'm already looking forward to the spring conference. I've also had the honor of being featured in the author spotlight at Write Good Books, Jason Bougger's blog for new and aspiring authors. If you're a writer, you can find some great tips and resources on the blog. And, if you're a reader, it's a good place to learn about up-and-coming authors.

On the writing front, I've been working on the last round of revisions for Gates the Hours Keep, the third book in the Tales of Malstria series. I'm a bit behind my original schedule but am closing in on the last chunk of editing. I'll be releasing the ebook and paperback in early 2016.

I've saved the most exciting news for last. This week, I've received the first set of recordings from The Taking audiobook narrator, Maria Marquis. She's amazing! Listening to her interpretation, I'm experiencing the characters and story in an entirely new light. The secrets seem deeper; the shadows, darker; the goodness, brighter. I feel fortunate to be working with a talented and hard-working producer and can't wait to hear the whole thing.

That's fall so far. We'll see what winter brings.