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April 18, 2013

Picture this

What do you notice first when you look at this photo? Setting? Character? Action?

Look at the image for a few minutes and let your mind wander. Then, look away and start writing whatever comes out on the page.

What grows from your first thought? A poem? A story? Did the result surprise you?

April 15, 2013

Light and artistry

San Luigi dei Francesi in Rome, 2010

At Challenging Perfection, Lila recently wrote about the use of light in both visual and literary art. As a beta reader, Lila notices details of light in a scene and has often brought up inconsistencies I missed when writing. Having a group of readers with unique skills and points of view has helped me become a better writer. For that, I thank them all.

We've spent the last month at writersvibe highlighting visual arts. If you visit our blog, you'll see my fellow writers are multi-talented to say the least.

My art of choice is photography. I love the process of capturing a moment and framing it. Choosing a focus. Changing an angle. Looking to the light.

I took the photo on the right at San Luigi dei Francesi in Rome. I visited the church to see paintings by Caravaggio, who has been my favorite painter since freshmen art history. His dramatic chiaroscuro is how I see the world, darkness making beauty of light.