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October 23, 2014

A steal on The Taking

It's been a busy couple of weeks. I've been preparing an upcoming guest post for Tony Riches' blog The Writing Desk, and the proofs have just arrived for paperback editions of The Taking and Tangled. I'll update you in the coming weeks on both projects. In the meantime, take a look at Tony's blog, where you can discover a great collection of new books and authors.

My big news today is the launch of a Kindle countdown deal for The Taking. The promotion lasts October 23-27, with an opening price of only $0.99. That's over 80% off the regular price (and for less than a the price of a cup of coffee you can experience a book created by more than a decade's worth of research, writing, and refining). Give it a try! It's a good gothic read--perfect for Halloween.

The Taking Amazon UK Kindle countdown runs October 30-November 6.

October 4, 2014

Tales of Malstria

The first two novels in my Tales of Malstria Series are now available. The novels take place in thoroughly researched historic settings, including England in the decades following the Norman Conquest and the Mediterranean in the time of Alexander the Great. Combining elements of fantasy, horror, and literary fiction, the series explores the adventures, loves, heroism, and misdeeds of complex characters changed by supernatural acts. Tales of Malstria's supernatural roots draw from the myths and folklore of various cultures.

Lose yourself awhile in another time and place. Cringe and laugh, love and hope for characters you like and hate in equal measure. Although part of a series, each book is written as a stand-alone novel.

If you're a fan of subtle psychological horror or fantasy with a gothic feel, check out The Taking. Three generations have passed since LeMerle carved out his realm during the Norman Conquest, and his atrocities have grown to legends. When the castle he built becomes her home, Amarys of Rensweald feels LeMerle's dark presence. The darkness haunting her tempts her, as well. Amarys struggles to make the right choices, but when love gnashes her, she craves revenge. How will she face the monster she is unleashing?

Like horror touched with edge-of-your-seat adventure and psychological tension? Then, Tangled is for you. A runaway in twelfth-century York, Quin builds a life from stolen trinkets and constant hope. His knack for survival keeps him alive after he's nabbed by Leoric of Rensweald, a nobleman with dangerous needs. When Quin falls in love with Leoric's ward Amarys, his precariously balanced life comes undone. Pulled into a quest for revenge, he must choose between saving himself or the one he loves.

For a synopsis and excerpts and to preview Gates the Hours Keep, the next book in the Tales of Malstria Series, visit TraciRobison.com.