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September 6, 2010

A Matter of Taste

I'm hungry, and I'm craving chocolate.  Before I can eat the chocolate, I have to finish posting this blog.  (There's a story arc for you.) 

Since I'm pre-occupied with visions of peanut clusters, today's writing exercise focuses on the sense of taste.  Consider how wine connoisseurs draw from multiple senses when describing a glass of wine.  Take a look at this example from Benito's Wine Reviews: "While still a bit young, this has an initial aroma of boysenberry jam. There's a touch of toast there as well, but once the wine breathes and softens, you get elements of green pepper, earth, and it becomes light and mellow."  Notice how the description moves from specific flavors "boysenberry jam" "toast" to physical or even emotional qualities.  The wine breathes; it softens.  It's mellow.

For today's exercise use taste as a gateway into sensual description.  Sample an unfamiliar food (or truly savor an everyday one) and write a description of the taste beginning with the literal details and progressing toward fantasy.  Build a scene around your experience of the flavor.

. . . And now I want wine with my chocolate.

Photo by beatbull


Lila Alger said...

My teeth pierced the fuzzy flesh of the peach with a delicate pop. Juice flowed from the corners of my mouth as the fruit's flavor swished upon my tongue. A warming sensation encompassed my mouth as I tasted the sunbeams within the sugared flesh. A flood of summer's sweetest raindrops followed, pushing the flavor to heavenly and yielded just shy of overpowering as the fundamental flavor of rich earth anchored the experience. Contained in the palm-sized sphere, my taste of summer was complete.

Benito said...

Thanks for the kind mention!