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February 3, 2010

Laws under Henry I

Much of my writing requires historical research.  I try to learn enough to recreate the daily life and culture of a particular period as well as a physical setting and general mindset for my characters. Lately, I've been researching English laws regarding murder, the role of the coroner, and fair courts during the reign of Henry I.  From what I've found, it seems a great deal of law enforcement took place on a local level in baronial and county courts.  Here are some links to sources I've found especially useful: 

Jurisdictions and court structure of the law in England before 1176

Medieval Sourcebook: The "Laws of Henry I": The Murder Fine

Medieval Sourcebook: Charter of Liberties of Henry I, 1100

The ‘Law Merchant’ and the Fair Court of St. Ives,

Miniature from illuminated Chronicle of Matthew Paris (1236-1259), British Library, MS Royal 14 CVII, f.8v

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