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November 15, 2010

Evening in Sorrento

Today's writing prompt is solely visual--a photo my husband snapped one night in Sorrento.  Hanging out in busy places or viewing photos like this, I often wonder about the lives and thoughts of the people I see.  Sometimes as an exercise, I'll choose one person and build a story for him/her.  To me this photo is full of stories waiting to be told. 


Lila Alger said...

I absolutely love the lighting in this photo. What a great picture to use as a writing prompt. I may have to try it out - thanks.

Draven Ames said...

For some reason, I'm picturing a cheesy karate kid remake. What? They dd that?

I love the lighting, like she said. It strings out along the sides beautifully. Nice photo and did you make a story to it?

Traci said...

Lol. You can never have too many cheesy karate kid remakes. Glad you guys liked the photo, and nope, I haven't written anything from it yet. The person I want most to write about, though, is the waitress lighting the candle. Not sure why.