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October 18, 2010

Intuition as foreshadowing

Photo by AJ Wms
You know that little voice in the back of your head that tells you something's not right or pushes you to go ahead and jump right in?  Instinct.  A hunch.  Sixth sense.  For me, at least, that little voice has a comparatively big influence in the choices I make.  As far as I know, it hasn't misled me.  I've made it through more than three decades without causing any major catastrophes and without regretting those few leaps I've taken.  But what if I'd ignored instinct?  Where would I be now?  

Look at intuition as a kind of foreshadowing.  You get a vibe and begin to imagine how the scenario will play out.  You analyze almost imperceptible clues so naturally you're scarcely aware of the process.  Intuition is often nothing more than a subtle feeling blended seamlessly into the moment.  Skillfully applied foreshadowing functions the same way.

For today's exercise relive a moment of intuition you've experienced and write all the details you can remember.  What did you feel?  Pinpoint the clues you drew upon.  Build on the memory and carry the scene from your gut feeling through to the final outcome.

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