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September 24, 2010

Etruscan Places

I've been fascinated with Etruscan art and culture since my freshman year of college, when I learned of the Etruscans in an art history class.  The uniqueness of their language, much of which remains undeciphered, along with Greek and Roman descriptions of Etruscan culture combined to create a romanticized view of the "mysterious Etruscans".  Modern scholarship has swept away much of that mystery but none of my curiosity. 

Last June archaeologists discovered the remains of a house in the ancient Etruscan city of Vetulonia, which is one of our planned stops on our trip to Italy.  The area near Vetulonia is one of the settings in my novel Gates the Hours Keep, and Jim and I are both looking forward to exploring the region firsthand. 

We'll also be visiting the necropolis in Tarquinia and museums with Etruscan collections in Orvieto and Volterra.  I'll be sure to give you an update and post a few pictures after our trip.

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