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August 9, 2010

Another Point of View

Photo by Maschinenraum

Last week I had a breakthrough on my rough draft, and I'm fighting the urge to let the blog slide while I work on my fiction.  After a couple of months of limping along, the words are finally flying.  Where did this momentum come from?  I abandoned my main character (the first person narrator) and wrote a few scenes from other characters' points of view. 

Writing in the first person point of view, I sometimes get bogged down by my narrator's limited perception.  Stepping outside the character to see the motives and actions of those around him often helps me discover how scenes will play out or see new ways for the plot to unfold.

For this week's writing exercise take a scene you've been struggling with or a draft you've abandoned and change the point of view from which it's written.  If you've been writing in third person, pick a character you haven't focused on and filter the scene through his or her eyes.  If you've been writing in first person, pick a different character or step back and take a omniscient point of view. 

How does the scene change?   Do new details emerge?  Do you discover a twist you hadn't envisioned?

If you find the exercise helpful, I'd love to hear your results!

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