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July 19, 2010

Pack Your Bags

This fall Jim and I are taking trip to Italy to celebrate our tenth anniversary. For months I've been daydreaming about seaside villages and time-worn cities, art I've only seen in textbooks, and foods I've never tasted. When I go to the gym, I crank the treadmill to the steepest incline so this flatlander can conquer the hilltowns. I've broken in my walking sandals. I've made sure my passport's up-to-date. There's little left to do but pack.

Packing. There's the challenge. Three weeks of essentials and clothing in one impossibly small carry-on bag.  I've been checking out packing tips, and despite finding good advice, I'm still a little daunted about choosing the right things from my quirky, discount store wardrobe to wear in fashionable Italy.  If only I could bring an empty bag and fill it while I'm there!

For today's writing exercise, imagine you've accidently taken your character's luggage.  Open it up and take a look inside.  What did he/she pack?  Is the packing orderly or a mess?  Is there something in the luggage you didn't expect to find?  Is there something the character didn't pack but should have?  Describe the luggage itself.  One piece of baggage or a cartful?  Worn or new?  And, finally, after you've snooped through it, return the luggage to your character.  How does he/she react to the mix-up?

If you come up with something you'd like to share, feel free to post it in the comments.

Photo by Italy Travel Experience

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