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June 28, 2010

Games We Play

I've started playing pinochle with a group of co-workers on Wednesdays.  My grandpa taught me to play when I was a kid, and family holidays and Saturday afternoons used to be prime pinochle time.  Grandpa was the best partner.  He had an instinct for taking chances, and he didn't mind my occasionally reckless bidding.  With him for a partner, it seemed impossible to lose.

I haven't played in the decade since he died.  Starting over, I feel rusty.  The rules are different, and I miss Grandpa's banter.

Games and play are essential to our devolopment, our relationships, and our lives.  Look back through history, and you'll find people playing, competing, co-operating.  It seems a part of human nature.  Look back on your own life.  What games did you play?  Wtih whom?  How did playing games make you feel?  How did you feel about those with whom you played?
Today's exercise is devoted to character development.  Take a character you've been working on (or invent a new one).  Find out what games he or she likes and hates.  Is your character good at games or an utter failure?  Does he cheat?  Is she competive or uninvested in the game's outcome?  Do the answers change depending on whom the character is playing against/with or depending on the game?

If you come up with some interesting insights, feel free to post them in the comments! 

Soldiers Playing Cards, c. 1657-1658, by Pieter de Hooch

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