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June 7, 2010

The Adventure

Saturday my team, the Weeble Wobbles, took fifth place in the all-female division of the Urban Omaha Adventure Race.  The race was a blast!  I felt like a kid--pedaling my bike for all I was worth up and down hills and around curving residential streets, splashing through puddles and splattering myself with mud, running through a farmer's market, climbing over a fence, walking with a water bottle balanced on my head.  I definitely want to do another adventure.

One of my teammates was a strong runner; the other, a strong cyclist.  I'm average (bordering on mediocre) at both, but my teammates' abilities brought out the best in me.  Here's a shot of us before the race looking fresh and ready to roll.  On the left is Sandy, I'm in the middle, and Crystal on the right.

Since it's Monday, I owe you a writing prompt.  Today write a scene involving three women of different skill levels working toward a common goal.  They could be baking a pie, trying to solve a mystery, doing a top secret special ops mission, finding their way out of the wilderness after a plane crash.  Anything!  Their adventure is in your hands.  Have fun with it.

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