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March 13, 2010

Lazy Saturday

For the past couple years, Jim and I have been buying season tickets to the Lied Center and the university's theater department.  About half of the performances we chose to attend fell in February or March, so for the past month we've been getting our cultural fix. 

The Lied Center presents a mix of programs, and it's always hard to choose which shows to see.  Last fall we especially enjoyed the Paul Taylor Dance Company.  (Possessing all the grace of a lumbering buffalo, I'm always impressed by dancers.) 

During our recent spree, we attended South PacificGaelic Storm , and Abraham, Inc., which just edged out the others as my favorite.  The blend of funk, jazz, hip-hop, and klezmer (a completely unfamiliar musical genre for me) transported me to beaches, villages, and urban alleys.  Having played the trombone as a kid, I'd expected to enjoy Fred Wesley's trombone solos, but David Krakaur's clarinet sang out with intensity and emotion I honestly didn't know a clarinet could produce.  I left wanting more! 

At the university theater we watched a student performance of Tartuffe, which was a bit of a disappointment after the fabulous King Lear the students put on this fall.  Many of the undergrad cast members, whom I'd only seen as extras in past produtions, showed promise, and I'll enjoy watching their work mature in the seasons to come.

After three straight weeks of going out, I'm looking forward to a lazy Saturday night.  Beer, nachos, and a movie from Netflix sound just my speed.   

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